Mark Turrell

Mark Clifford TurrellMark Clifford Turrell is the founder and CEO of Orcasci, a strategy and marketing agency specializing in designing programs that ‘spread’ products, services, ideas and behaviors. Orcasci’s toolset for the “Science of Spread” leverages scientific concepts and social networking technology to help get people engaged and deliver change. Its unique approach rapidly achieves impressive results, drawing on insights from neuroscience, behavioral science, network science, collective intelligence and innovation. Mark is passionate about helping people change the world for better and is keen on finding ways to spread and scale good things faster. With Orcasci, he has worked on projects as diverse as elections, smoking cessation, and motion picture marketing.

Mark is the co-founder of Imaginatik, a firm that pioneered the use of collective intelligence and crowdsourcing techniques for corporations, with a special focus on innovation. During his sixteen years at Imaginatik, Mark worked with hundreds of companies around the world. He also managed and lead the firm’s research activities, publishing many research reports, articles and speaking at conferences around the world. He has been a member of the Clinton Global Initiative, through his work at Imaginatik. Mark was nominated as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum in 2008, and a Young Global Leader in 2010.

Turrell was a mentor with Startup Wise Guys, an advisor at CANVAS, LookToTheStars, and Misnomer Dance Theater, and an Associate Professor at the Hult International Business School. He has co-authored the book “Scaling: Small Smart Moves for Outsized Results” in 2014. He went to Cass Business School of London. He was born in Toronto, Canada to South African parents.

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