Pete Hartigan

22e5385Pete Hartigan is CEO / Founder of Trusted Ventures, LLC

As CEO of Trusted Ventures, Pete helped incubate SOFI, joining its founding team as Chief Community Officer. He previously worked at SOFTBANK Venture Capital and Battery Ventures. He holds an M.B.A. from Stanford University and attended Duke University, where USA Today picked him as a Top 20 Student in the US (1993).

Pete’s mission is to actualize the Impact500 thesis, where community, transparency and accountability are core competitive advantages. To validate the thesis, he joined the initial team at SOFI (“digital Wells Fargo”), and served as its original VP of Sales, and Chief Community Officer, from 2011 – 2013. SOFI has grown from $0 to $3 billion in market value over the past 5 years, serving over 175,000 members and $12 billion of loans originated. Today, Pete is a SOFI Board Observer.  In partnership with Dr. Andy Sekel, they are validating the digital transformation thesis in Fintech, Govtech and Healthtech. The competitive landscape and fundamental unit cost economics for as high as 40% of the current Fortune 500 are vulnerable to transformation, producing both absolute yield and social impact. Era3, LLC, Trusted Ventures, LLC, and the Marketplace Family of Funds are the vehicles being used to build the assembly line of Impact500 companies.  Starting in the early 1990s, Pete worked for nearly a decade at three venture firms, Battery Ventures, SOFTBANK / Mobius, and Diamondhead Ventures, and served as an entrepreneur for a decade at three companies.

Pete has an MBA from Stanford University where he received the Arbuckle Award and degrees in Psychology and Philosophy from Duke University. He has FINRA Series 7 and 63 licenses and was chosen by USA Today as one of the Top 20 Students in the United States, First Team (1993).  Pete lives in San Francisco with his extended family consisting of his wife, Vanessa, who was raised in Liberia, his son, Rohan (9), and his mother in law, Mama T., who is originally from Chile.