Aleksandar Kocic

Aleksandar Kocic is the Managing Director of Interest Rates Strategies at Deutsche Bank Securities.  Prior to joining Deutsche Bank, Aleksandar held the position of Interest Rates Research at Lehman Brothers.  He has a Ph.D. in Physics. LinkedIn

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Alex Linley

Alex Linley is CEO of Capp (www.capp.co) and Jobmi (www.jobmi.com), where he and his team are striving to reinvent work and deliver their vision of Matching the world to their perfect job. Alex is a psychologist by training and an entrepreneur by nature, with deep expertise in psychological assessment, particularly in relation to strengths. He … Read moreAlex Linley

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Alexander Kritikos

Alexander S. Kritikos is Research Director at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) Berlin, where he was before Head of the Department ‘Innovation, Manufacturing, Service’ and Vice-President. At the same time, he is Full Professor for Industrial and Institutional Economics at the University of Potsdam. Born in 1965, he studied economics and political sciences … Read moreAlexander Kritikos

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