Robert B. Cohen

Cohen picture L1000398aRobert Cohen leads the Economic Strategy Institute’s project to evaluate the impact of software-defined infrastructure, cloud services and artificial intelligence on the US economy, jobs and workforce skills. Dr. Cohen is a former president of the Forecasters Club of New York. His PhD in economics is from the New School.

He is an accomplished coordinator of Proof of Concept projects and White Paper development by the TM Forum’s Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council. Have organized conference sessions and participated in numerous public and private meetings on cloud computing and its adoption. Acquainted with many of the leading personalities and innovators in the cloud computing and cloud software area. Extensive contacts in the VC world as well as at cloud vendor and telecom firms moving into cloud services.

Published analyst/consultant who served on the Steering Committee of the Open Grid Forum. Developed a number of studies as a Grid Computing Business Strategy Specialist, with projects in the US and Japan funded by IBM, Intel, AT&T,MCI,Juniper Networks, NTT Data,Cisco,Cadence Design and others (reports filed at Project done as fellow at Economic Strategy Institute.

Grid analyst and author of North Carolina Grid Computing and Broadband Communications Study. This analysis used an innovative combination of firm-level interviews and Input/Output analysis of industry forecasts of changes in productvity.

Technology and software industry competitive intelligence analyst of products for broadband services, network management, the Internet and Intranets. Work assignments from IBM, AT&T, Lucent, Siemens and others.

Formerly on Steering committees of COMNET, COMDEX, UNIX World. Conference consulting for Interop. Helped organize Interop Europe with David Brandin.

As an economist, I focus on the analysis of the economics of new communications and computing technologies, and how they affect infrastructure. On a consulting level, I have evaluated the technologies used in high speed optical, data and voice networks, including key switching products of major vendors.

I have also estimated and forecast the growth of the Internet and broadband communications, in assignments for the European Commission and for supporters of the Economic Strategy Institute.

Author of 4 books.