Sandeep Sander

Sandeep Sander profle photo 3Sandeep Sander is the founder and CEO of SanderMap, Switzerland. Lifelong Learning and Employability solutions. The innovative SaaS solution includes tools for self assessment that can work for 1 billion+ people with low transaction costs. Sandeep is a serial entrepreneur and has worked in 42 countries across many industries. Sandeep is Chairman, Advisory Board for Per Falholt Global R&D Advisory Services, Wiredelta and TaskLift. Sandeep is also a frequent speaker in many countries. Sandeep works closely with Business Schools. Together with INSEAD Emerging Markets Institute he has initiated a series of workshops around “Emerging Markets Rebalancing the World – and the Competence Implications”. Sandeep joined the i4j Mountain View Summit Feb. 2015 and the April workshop – and has signed up for the i4j Special Interest Group “Business ideas and models”, chaired by Steve Jurvetson.