Bio PhotoTammy has a multidisciplinary background, including over 8 years in Corporate Finance and Informational Technology. She holds a Bachelor in Science degree in Management Science from the University of California, San Diego. Experienced as a Solutions Architect, she implemented financial enterprise solutions for many different industries across the Bay Area. She has worked for Corporations, government agencies and nonprofits, such as UCSF to develop and deploy a budgeting system for up to 300 users; Raytheon to design a new suite of integrated applications to streamline four departments; Charles Schwab to design, implement, and train the new process.

She is currently involved as the Operations Director for United Roots in Oakland, providing educational and job skills programs to marginalized youth. Programs include film production, graphic design, social entrepreneurship, black men’s group, game design, and IT.

She has carried over her experience in Finance and Information Technology to co-found a nonprofit called Conversations for Good, a 501(c)(3) charity that provides the underserved communities to provide resources to navigate into a fulfilling career. She is actively involved as the Executive Director in implementing programs in the East Bay of San Francisco.

Tammy is also involved as the Director of Operations for IIIJ Foundation, think tank commissioned by the tech elite, formed to advance the understanding of innovation, involving programmatic activities domestically and internationally. She’s responsible for managing business operations and overall programs.

Her interest and passion involves solving issues outside of our normal everyday lives. As an ongoing learner, she is currently working to build new skill sets to share and contribute to the development of communities, organizations, individuals, and a thriving culture. In her free time, she travels around the world doing photography and scuba diving.