Wednesday Feb 25 7-9pm

Pre-i4j Mixer. Wines from Sonoma/Napa
Venue: Stanford West Club House
Thursday Feb 26 – Friday Feb 27
Venue: Google, Building PLY2 – 1550 Plymouth St, Mountain View, CA 94043.
Parking is available in front of the building.

Thursday Feb 26

8:00am Breakfast

9:00am Welcome! Presentation of the i4j Summit

  • Recap of some ideas from the previous i4j meetings (e.g. i4j DC Paris)
  • Recap of the ‘Jobly’ scenario for ‘disrupting unemployment’
  • Floating the idea an ‘innovation for jobs ecosystem’ – does it work?

10:30am Group Discussions (Coffee served in the meanwhile)

11:30am Idea Fest: Lightning Talks / Q&A

12:30pm Lunch break

2:00pm Lightning-quick recap of ideas until now /Participants (facilitators: Vint/David)

2:30pm Group Discussions

3:30pm Coffee Break

4:00pm “Stories from the ‘innovation for jobs ecosystem’” Lightning Talks / Q&A – Participants (facilitators: Vint/David)

5:00pm Group Discussions

6:00pm Idea Fest: Lightning Talks / Q&A

7:00pm Dinner served (with personal guests)


Friday Feb 27

8:30am Breakfast

9:30am Lightning-Quick Recaps of ideas so far / Steve J starts, Participants (facilitators: Vint, David)

10:00am “(How) Can the ecosystem give all people meaningful jobs?” – Lightning Talks / Q&A (facilitators: Vint/David)

11:00am Coffee Break

11:30am Group Discussions

12:30pm Lunch break

2:00pm “Who can do what next and why.” – Lightning Talks / Q&A (Facilitators: Vint/David)

3:00pm Group discussions.

4:00pm “Now what?” – Lightning Talks / Q&A. Steve J starts. Participants (facilitators: Vint/David)

5:00pm Meeting ends

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