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i4j – The International Summit on Innovation for Jobs

The  i4j summit is by invitation only.

“Innovation does not automatically create jobs; the innovations must be adopted and used. Facilitation is and will be needed if we are all to benefit from creativity. Vint Cerf, VP, Google

“The key issue in the global innovation economy is jobs – good meaningful jobs. This meeting is exactly what the world needs to better understand how we can address this profound need.” Curt Carlson, CEO SRI International

“Innovation can create and destroy jobs. It is important to reconcile innovation with the perspectives of millions of youngsters and unemployed people.” Aart De Geus, Chairman and CEO, Bertelsmann Foundation

“If innovation is to create new jobs in this changing world, educational institutions should move away from mainly job training towards the promotion of self-learning and creativity abilities.” Jacob Ziv, President Emeritus, Israeli Academy of Sciences and the Humanities

Dane Stangler“With innovation and jobs at the top of the agenda for leaders around the world, we need to start paving the way for tomorrow’s economy. This meeting will be a major step in that task.” Dane Stangler, Vice President for Research and Policy, The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation


Information technology represents a new industrial revolution. Innovation destroys old jobs and creates a need for new ones. White-collar jobs are vanishing, along with intellectual, service and manufacturing jobs.

But  the world’s present labor-market systems can’t handle the accelerating rate of innovation. Jobs are evolving faster than educational and employment systems can adapt. The result is rising unemployment even as employers experience a shortage of appropriately skilled employees.

Human capacity is under-used or wasted because old ways of matching people with jobs do not work in the innovation economy. Societies cannot just get rid of people the way companies do. So we need an economy that empowers everyone to create value.

But there is a chasm between innovation, employment and education policies. Innovation economies know how to discuss innovation for profit but they don’t yet have a language for discussing innovation for jobs.

IIIJ Innovation and Communication is organizing an international summit on innovation and jobs, taking place 18–19 March 2013  in Silicon Valley, at the SRI headquarters in Menlo Park. We are bringing together a selected group of international leaders from politics, academia and business to discuss innovation and jobs.

Diverse groups of decision makers and thought leaders will be discussing cases, suggesting ideas. Technology, business and political leaders will mix. The conference will inspire, give direction and purpose and build new contact networks.

We aim beyond the summit, developing a global network of leaders that develop and share best practices. We are presently preparing a follow-up conference in Europe in 2013.

David Nordfors, i4j Summit Chair

Read our full Innovation4Jobs statement, published by Xconomy (link) 

For more information about the summit, email i4j@iiij.org


Vint Cerf (Chair) VP and Chief Internet Evangelist Google. Curtis CarlsonPresident SRI International.
  Aart de Geus, Chairman and CEO, Bertelsmann Stiftung Irwin Jacobs Irwin Jacobs, Founding Chairman and CEO Emeritus, Qualcomm
Dane Stangler Dane Stangler, Vice President of Research & Policy, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation Jacob Ziv, President Emeritus Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities


David Arkless David Arkless, Founder and CEO, Arklight Consulting Tim Brown, CEO and President, IDEO
per-kristian-halvorsen Per-Kristian (Kris) Halvorsen, Chief Innovation Officer, Intuit Robert Litan, Director of Research,  Bloomberg Government
mikko kosonen Mikko Kosonen, CEO, SITRA – the Finnish Innovation Fund. Joaquim Oliveira Martins, Head of Regional Development Policy Division, OECD
John Voeller, Senior VP, Black & Veatch.


David Nordfors (Summit Chair)
President IIIJ
Sven Otto Littorin,
Senior Advisor IIIJ, fmr Swedish Minister for Employment, President European Council of Ministers
Anders Flodström,
Board of Directors IIIJ, President Emeritus of KTH the Royal Institute of Technology



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