Innovation for Jobs

Innovation for Jobs

i4j 2018 Yearly Summit



Hosts: i4j co-chairs Vint Cerf and David Nordfors

By personal invitation only. Event registration on Eventbrite – passw: i4jsummit
Max 60 participants.


The participants are interesting and thought-provoking people from business, education, government, media and elsewhere. It’s exclusive-inclusive, the meeting is by invitation only, everybody is a speaker and a participant. We have no keynotes or panels. The meeting is specially designed for interaction, it is informal, personal and friendly. The goal is to meet, connect, exchange ideas and engage in discussions. 

Bloggers and journalists note: Chatham House Rule Applies, ie ideas can be shared, but don’t make attributions, quotes etc without permission by the source. 

Session Types

  • Lightning talk session:
    1. Plenary session with 3 min lightning talks
    2. Q&A
  • Roundtable Workshops:
    1. Workshops are pitched in plenary (3 min per pitch) – ca 30min
    2. Breakout Workshops (ca 8-10 ppl/ 1 table per workshop) – ca 1h
  • Pitch Session:
    1. Plenary session with 3 min company pitches
    2. Q&A

Workshop Presentations

Company Pitches[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

i4j Book: The People-Centered Economy – the future of work with the new ecosystem for jobs.


Book ChapterAuthor
Introduction: How to innovate better jobs for people Vint Cerf and David Nordfors
Jobly: How to Disrupt Unemployment (2014)Vint Cerf and David Nordfors
The Unbeatable People-Centered EconomyDavid Nordfors



May 28
6:30pm-9pm Grill party @ i4j (We need volunteer grill chefs & fixers – sign up here)
Where: The i4j office, Middlefield Road 565, Menlo Park, CA.
May 29
8:00 amBreakfast and Registration
9:00 amWelcome to i4j & + Doing the Round (say your name + your key interest – one word)
i4j co-founders and hosts Vint Cerf, David Nordfors
9:20 ami4j Book: The People-Centered Economy – the new ecosystem for the future of work. David Nordfors, Vint Cerf (authors/editors), Guido Van Nispen (publisher/co-author) + co-authors present in the room: V. Ferose, Anders Flodström, Chally Grundwag, Patricia Olby Kimondo, Sven Otto Littorin, Tess Posner.
Open floor discussion
10:00 amBREAK
10:30 amWorkshops 1 (pitch 4 min each)
1. Entrepreneurship: Who is the primary customer? Staying loyal to the earner while collecting revenues from the spender – David Nordfors and Jason Palmer
2. a developer ecosystem for disability+ talent and education+jobs- V.Ferose, Sudipto Dasgupta, Ganapathy Subramanian, Chally Grundwag, Behrang Zandi
3. The decomposition of work and its effect on industry standards - Wade Burges
4. Innovation-for-jobs policy: How we replaced dying industries with innovation ecosystems. The cases of SAAB, Sony-Ericsson and more - Sven Otto Littorin
5. The future of college campuses / blended learning - Ben Nelson
6. "The $1 Billion Wage Gain Challenge" ideation competition to source ideas for increasing wages - Maria Flynn
7. "Challenges that the special education system brings to schools educating our future citizens, entrepreneurs, employers and employees. - Miriam Freedma
12:15 pmLUNCH
1:30 pmOpen Discussion: Paving the Way for the New Ecosystem for Jobs
Moderators: Vint Cerf and David Nordfors
2:35 pmBREAK
3:00 pmEcosystem for Jobs – Venture Pitch Session
Chair: Jason Palmer, Team: Brooks Taylor, Saad Alam, Guido van Nispen

Pitches by startups and presentations by investors in the new ecosystem for innovating jobs.

Minerva Schools - Ben Nelson, Founder and CEO
Shiftgig Wade Burgess, CEO
Mursion Mark Atkinson, Co-Founder and CEO
Credly Jonathan Finkelstein, Founder and CEO
People Productions Patricia Olby Kimondo, Founder and CEO
Pairin Michael L. Simpson, President and CEO
(more to be added)
4:25 pmBREAK
4:40pmWorkshops 2 (8-10 ppl/workshop)
1.Talent: Coolabilities - enhanced abilities in disabling conditions. Chally Grundwag
2.Venture: How To: Venture Investment in the Ecosystem for Jobs
Jason Palmer
3.Education: How we can use AI for keeping quality high in a private capital education ecosystem. Anders Flodström
6 – 8 pmDINNER
May 30
8:00 amBreakfast and Registration
9:00 amWelcome back
9:20 amLightning Talks 1 (4 min)
10:00 amBREAK
10:45 amWorkshop Pitches 3 (6 * 4min)
11:00 amWorkshops 3 (8-10 ppl/workshop)
12:15 pmLUNCH
1:15 pmLightning Talks 1 (4 min)
3:00 pmTHE END

i4j Summit Participants


Aaron BraceAmerican Sign Language Interpreter
Alex LinleyEntrepreneur, CEO - Capp & Jobmi
Amir JahangirChief Executive Officer, Mishal Pakistan | Leadership Team Member at SingularityU Islamabad Chapter
Amy ter HaarCEO, Flow Inc; Board Member Blockchain Canada;
Andreas CervenkaJournalist
Anthony YunDigital Innovation Director, Nike Explore Team (NXT)
Behrang Zandii4j team
Ben BaldwinFounder at ScaleDriver, The Founder City Project; Board at Drucker Institute
Ben NelsonFounder and CEO, Minerva Schools
Bill DavidowInvestor at Mohr Davidow Ventures
Brooks TaylorAnalyst at New Markets Venture Partners
Carolyn ResslerAmerican Sign Language Interpreter
Chally GrundwagSenior Advisor i4j; Head of Research i4j Coolabilities, i4j team
Christopher BryantSr. Vice President, Enterprise Applications & Technology at Operation Smile
Cosmin GheorgheCulture Influencer™, speaker, coach, counselor, consultant and author
Curt CarlsonFounder and CEO, Practice of Innovation
David EaglemanNeuroscientist, Writer, Entrepreneur
David NordforsCEO and co-founder, i4j
Debra SatterfieldAssociate Professor, California State University Long Beach
Dimitri KanevskyResearch Scientist at Google
Douglass CarmichaelResearcher at Institute for New Economic Thinking; Prof. Em UC Santa Cruz; multiple other roles
Erin LimanPrincipal, Innovation is Social, LLC
Felicia DouglisPresident, FRD Solutions
Florian MaganzaPortfolio Manager at
Ganapathy Subramaniani4j team
Gino Pastori-NgCo-Founder & Co-Director of Youth Impact Hub Oakland
Guido Van NispenSenior Advisor & Angel-COO, i4j; investor
Håkan GergilsWriter, Owner of Ecofin Invest
Isabelle HauInvestment Partner, US Education at Omidyar Network
James ClyneHead of Jobmi at Capp
Jason PalmerGeneral Partner at New Markets Venture Partners
Jean ShiaHead of Portfolio and Investment, Autodesk Foundation
Jeannie Kim-HanDean, Grants & Academic Resource Development at Riverside City College
Jeff SapersteinCareer Coach, Founder Bay Area STEM Professional Network
Jennifer SuData Scientist at Google
John MattisonAsst. Med. Dir. Chief Health Information Officer, Kaiser Permanente, Faculty, Singularity University
Jon ShellManaging Director & Partner, Social Capital Partners
Jonathan FinkelsteinCEO, Credly
Julie ParkData Scientist & Business Intelligence Analyst, Goolge
Kari BahlAmerican Sign Language Interpreter
Kelly PalmerAuthor The Expertise Economy, Re-imagining Work & Learning at Degreed, LinkedIn CLO
Liz BassCreative Marketing Director, 1001 Ideas
Mahmoud RamadanProgram Manager at
Marc PrenskyKeynote Speaker on Education. Author of 7 books. Founder & Executive Director, The Global Future Education Foundation
Maria FlynnPresident and CEO of Jobs for the Future
Michael SimpsonCo-founder and CEO at Pairin
Miriam FreedmanReformer, Lawyer, Author, and Speaker. Education and Special Education Law Expert
Nigel SmithDirector, AARP Innovation Labs; President of Zurena LLC
Patricia Olby KimondoCEO and Founder, People Productions
Patty LessardAmerican Sign Language Interpreter
Phillip HedayatniaCEO and Co-founder, SolverIQ
Puruesh ChaudharyPresident, AGAHI
Roberta CordanoPresident of Gallaudet University
Saad AlamCEO/Co-Founder at Climb Jobs
Sara AllanDeputy Director, K-12 Education, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Sara BassonAccessibility Evangelist at Google
Sara LeoniCEO, Greenfig
Sara Sutton FellFounder, CEO Flexjobs
Stu SofferSuper Connector, Technical Due Diligence, Investor, Intellectual Property, Expert Witness, Startup Advisor,
Sudipto Dasgupta (tbc)i4j team
Swarnalatha BalasubramanianDirector of Project Management & Operations at Acidophil
Sven Otto LittorinCo-Founder i4j; Advisor, fmr Swedish Minister for Employment and President of the European Council of Ministers (EPSCO)
Tammy ChanDirector of Operations, i4j & United Roots
Tanya AlvaradoAdministrator, i4j
Tatyana KanzaveliFounder and CEO of Open Health Network
Tess PosnerCEO of AI4ALL
Thomas HorejesAssociate Provost of Student Success & Academic Quality at Gallaudet University
Tom LambertyConsultant Digitalization, Cisco
Tonio DeSorrentoChief Executive Officer at Vemo Education
Troy WilliamsManaging Director at University Ventures
V R Ferosei4j team; Senior Vice President and Head of Globalization Services at SAP
Vint CerfCo-Founder and Chairman i4j; VP Google
Yan-David ErlichFounding Managing Partner at Working Capital (fka Outlier Ventures)

i4j Summit Organization

Vint Cerf & David Nordfors (Co-Chairs), Guido Van Nispen, Tammy Chan, Tanya Alvarado, Chally Grundwag

PITCH SESSION: Jason Palmer (Chair), Brooks Taylor,  Saad Alam, Guido van Nispen

i4j Team

Vint Cerf, co-founder, chairman BOD, David Nordfors, co-founder, CEO, Guido Van Nispen, Angel-COO, Tammy Chan, Head of Operations , Tanya Alvarado, Administrator, Chally Grundwag,  Senior Advisor, co-founder, board member, Monique Morrow, Senior Advisor, George Minardos, Senior Advisor[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”18px”][vc_column_text]


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Founding Partner Founding Partner


Venture Partner

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